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Black's Law Dictionary states: "Pro Se - for one's own behalf, appears for himself, as in the case of one who does not retain a lawyer to represent one in court".

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Tips for Pro Se Litigants 

        from one who's been there!

     Free tips for pro se litigants that dispel fears of litigation.  Learn from real courtroom experiences some strategy and tactics that work. 

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     Acting on one's own behalf , as a "pro se litigant," can save you a lot of money. Pro se litigants can compress time of litigation just by responding quicker.
     Knowing when to seek and where to look for legal advice is in itself one of your most important allies in law when proceeding pro se.

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      Filing procedures are simple to follow.  Rules for filing are simple, mostly common sense.
     Standard defenses are available with specific times to use them.
     Without knowledge that lawyers have about the law, those who act pro se sometimes miss these early tactics to win.
     For those pro se litigants with some college education, writing pleadings is somewhat easy as long as you stay focused.
     Answering questions is a simple, too: Truth and logic are your best way to take an active offense even as a defendant to present your case -- without subjectivity!  

 A truth as pro se you should never forget...

 "Just the facts, mam."

Gene Zarwell with 18 wins in 19 pro se cases under his belt, has learned "out of traditional box" strategies.

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U.S. Supreme Court #07-10789
Writ of Mandamus defining Due Process
as Plaintiff right to What Is Due.

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